First Time Driver Insurance


BEST CAR INSURANCE COMPANIES FOR FIRST TIME DRIVERS You finally got your own car, but before you even start thinking of hitting the road, you have to understand that almost all states require a minimum amount of insurance from drivers. Getting car insurance for the first time can be a daunting task. Unfortunately, young first-time…

International Travel Car Insurance

International Travel Car Insurance

INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL CAR INSURANCE Traveling internationally can make you feel more vulnerable than traveling in your homeland. This might be because of the unfamiliar environment and the laws that are different from your home country. This is where insurances come in handy, it puts your mind at peace even if you’re in a place you’ve…

classic car insurance

Classic Car Insurance – Information And Tips

CLASSIC CAR INSURANCE What is a classic car? A classic car is defined differently depending on state. Different providers define the age of a classic car differently.  Some cars which are made during the 1920’s to 1940’s qualify as a classic car, and some insurers consider a car over 10 years old to be classic….


Questions To Ask Car Insurance Companies

QUESTIONS TO ASK CAR INSURANCE COMPANIES Getting your first car can be very fulfilling. You’ve waited so long to get that dream car, you worked so hard for and you can’t wait to finally take that road trip with your friends or family. But before you take that car for a long drive, let’s talk…

student discount car insurance

Car Insurance Deals For Students

CAR INSURANCE DEALS FOR STUDENTS It is not a secret that first time, teenage drivers pay higher for car insurance. This is because historically, young drivers pose a higher risk to insurance companies. And because these companies are designed to minimize financial risks, it only makes sense to make their premium rates higher for young…