International Travel Car Insurance


Traveling internationally can make you feel more vulnerable than traveling in your homeland. This might be because of the unfamiliar environment and the laws that are different from your home country. This is where insurances come in handy, it puts your mind at peace even if you’re in a place you’ve never been before.

If you’re a frequent traveler, you must be aware of the different kinds of travel insurance you can get. But one common confusion of travelers is would they be needing a car insurance? Especially if it’s your first time renting a car during your travel.

International Travel Car Insurance

You know your current car insurance would cover your rental car within your home country, but how about outside the borders? Most insurance providers doesn’t cover international travel because of the risks that come with driving in another country and the different international driving laws.

Is it necessary to get an international car insurance?

If you’re going to a foreign country for the first time, chances are you are not yet familiar with their traffic laws and conditions. Traffic accidents can happen anytime, it would be safer to get one if you can. Also, this won’t only cover accidents, most insurances cover even theft, fire and acts of nature.

Where to get an international car insurance?

  1. Your current insurance carrier

Ask your insurance provider if they offer a travel insurance rental policy. Most of the time, you have to purchase this separately as an add-on.

  1. Your car rental company

Most car rental companies offer car insurance for foreign renters. These are usually included when you rent a car. But before you agree with anything and purchase whatever is included, make sure you understand what you’re buying. Read the fine print in the insurance policy carefully, and make sure full coverage is offered. Also, don’t forget to ask the necessary questions like your deductibles and the extent of the coverage especially with multiple drivers.

  1. Your credit card company

Talk to your credit card company, most credit cards provide collision insurance in foreign countries, as long as you use your card to rent the car. Just call your credit card company and ask for a detailed description of the coverage they provide or you can ask for a letter of coverage from them.  This letter provides a detailed information on the limitations of you coverage. This can be handy when your rental company asks for a proof of your insurance policy.

  1. Your travel insurer

The most convenient way for you, in our opinion, is to add a rental coverage in your travel insurance. Make sure you gather all the necessary information you’ll be needing such as the following:

  • Dates of travel, especially if you’ll be crossing to another country. The insurer needs to know when you’ll be moving between countries.
  • Destinations, including the additional places you’ll be visiting in between.
  • All the names included in your group.
  • The kind of car you’ll be driving, how long you’ll be driving it and the complete license information of all drivers.