A Brief History Of Ford Trucks

A Brief History Of Ford Trucks

Ford has the reputation of presenting a series of amazing trucks over the years and it will be possible to enrich your knowledge on this particular subject by visiting their official website. There, you’ll be able to browse through a plethora of Ford truck models about whom we have presented short info in this article. Let us take a look at the brief history of the Ford trucks in the subsequent paragraphs.


The year 1953 witnessed the 50th anniversary of the Ford company which took the bold step of introducing the F-100 in place of the F-1 Bonus Built. This innovative model came with a lengthier hood, a brand-new logo of the company, an innovative “privatized” cab which was believed to be more comfy thanks to the additional seat cushion plus the astounding sound-insulating stuff. These trucks belonging to the 1953 F-series also featured the revolutionary 50th anniversary Golden Jubilee horn buttons.


This year, the company introduced the amazing F-100 Ranger which featured enhanced dimensions, an innovative instrument panel, and was manufactured with additional greenhouse glass. It likewise included multiple engine options as well as plusher trim levels.


1980 saw the company decided to restructure the F-Series. In fact, the Ford trucks belonging to the 1980 F-Series featured upgraded exteriors as well as sophisticated interiors, unlike the earlier models. They also came with an innovative grille plus renovated parking lights and headlamps as well. Also, the interior of the trucks was likewise revamped for providing more room as well as comport to the commuters.


In 1993, the Lightning model was introduced with an exclusive version of the company’s 5.8L V8 engine. The truck likewise came with innovative bucket seats, blackout trim, a front spoiler, and cutting-edge 17 inches alloy wheels plus a low sports suspension.


In 2001, Ford introduced the first full-sized 4-door crew cab in the form of the incredible F-150 SuperCrew. Apart from providing with more space, this version likewise included premium trims such as the Harley-Davidson and the King Ranch.


This year, Ford began the production of the amazing Cargo trucks belonging to the H298 Series and also the 100% original 7.3 L Ecotorq powertrain along with high power values thanks to the astounding Ford Engineering. This Cargo range went on expanding with the introduction of the H476 series which featured a 100% original 9.0 L Ecotorq powertrain.


In this particular year, Ford launched the innovative Construction Series on the market and began producing the astounding Ecotorq Euro5 powertrain.


The breathtaking 2015 Ford F-150 is immensely popular amongst the drivers across the US and has become a staple in the truck segment at present. This version was designed to be powerful as well as lightweight. It has the ability to shed as much as 700 pounds unlike the previous versions thanks to its innovative aluminum alloy construction. Thanks to the stunning payload ratings, it is the only truck in its category to receive a remarkable five-star safety grade from the NHTSA.


The innovative 9 L plus 13 L Ecotorq powertrains were introduced by the company this year thanks to some remarkable and 100% original Ford engineering. These engines can boast of E3, E5, as well as E6 emission levels which have helped the company to stay ahead of the competition.